How a Small Gesture Can Enhance The Customer Experience

Water....It is a basic human need. Although it would appear that it is one that some of our dining establishments are quick to forget. Much to my annoyance. 

Surely it is pretty simple. Customer arrives and sits down at their table. Whilst they are perusing the menu, or waiting fro other guests to join them, the waiter or waitress places a bottle or jug of chilled tap water on the table along with glasses if not already there. 

It was during a Sydney heatwave that I really started to notice how many establishments don't do this. Leaving me hot, parched and irritated. The customer experience is off on the wrong foot right from the very beginning. 

​There are some places that have water available in a cooler or on the bar for people to help themselves, whilst this is a great idea, it is not always well communicated. Put it on the menu. Mention it when you welcome your guests, and put a sign up pointing it out. Lets' face  it, most of us aren't that observant. 

In a Country such as Australia where we can safely drink the freely available tap water, it really is a small gesture, but will give back in spades. It will instantly make the customer feel welcome and comfortable, rather than an inconvenience. Maybe you think you will lose money because people won't buy bottled water....well how about thinking of it like this...

​A happy customer is a loyal customer and a small glass of water will enhance their experience with your business and therefore is a great return on investment. Oh and without selling all those plastic bottles you are helping the environment too.

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